Declaration of independents

December 2021 - January 2022: It’s mid afternoon on a humid, rain-punctuated day in early November when Dr Helen Haines swings her bright orange Mazda – affectionately known as the “Orange Rocket” – into the parking lot at Barnawartha Primary, a little school of 45 children in north-east Victoria. From the boot, Haines, the independent … Continue reading Declaration of independents

The Sisterhood of the Super Wealthy

New Matilda 16th February 2010 Just before she married, Helen LaKelly Hunt’s father called her fiancé into his study for a two-hour, closed-door meeting. She was told later it was to discuss her "financial situation", something no one had ever spoken to her about. As the daughter of one of America’s richest men — Texan … Continue reading The Sisterhood of the Super Wealthy