The dispossessed

The Griffith Review Edition 32: Wicked Problems, Exquisite Dilemmas 2011 IN mid-afternoon just days after Christmas, finding a park in the small National Heritage town of Central Tilba, on the far South Coast of New South Wales, was proving difficult. Rows of Audis, Prados, the occasional BMW and all kinds of shining new four-wheel drives … Continue reading The dispossessed

Japan: Will Obama meet the survivors of Hiroshima?

New Matilda 11th November 2009 It’s amazing that Sunao Tsuboi survived the atomic bomb blast of 1945 at all — let alone the subsequent years of chronic disease, blood disorders, and two bouts of cancer. Yet he’s made it to the age of 84 possessing a remarkable vitality. When I arrive to interview him on the … Continue reading Japan: Will Obama meet the survivors of Hiroshima?

The Social Investment Guide

In 2008 I teamed up with the Greenstone Group, a philanthropic advisory firm who created the  Social Investment Guide.  Effectively a "giving guide",  it's a tool for emerging philanthropists who are looking to invest in social change. The guide features 23 different projects from across Australia - all deemed worthy of funding. We chose 2 … Continue reading The Social Investment Guide

Guam – The Tip of the Spear

"Guam - The Tip of the Spear" Dateline, SBS Television. 21st May 2008 The tiny pacific island of Guam has been designated as the focal point for the United States military strategy in the Western Pacific; the so called "Tip of the Spear". But with thousands of marines and military hardware about to descend upon … Continue reading Guam – The Tip of the Spear

Japan’s Legal Revolution

"Japan's Legal Revolution" Dateline, SBS Television. 7th May 2008 The jury system is something that most Australians, Americans and Britons take for granted. But for the Japanese its introduction into their legal system is  something of a revolution that's challenging a culture where "speaking your mind" is not always valued. Proponents hope it will go … Continue reading Japan’s Legal Revolution

Inner Mongolia – A Land Without Water

"Inner Mongolia - A Land Without Water" Dateline, SBS Television. 13th February 2008 Inner Mongolia is on the front line of climate change. Already one of the driest regions in China, it is now getting progressively drier and the lack of water  is forcing entire villages to shut down. People are moving en masse to … Continue reading Inner Mongolia – A Land Without Water